20 May 2020, by Lauren Levenson in IABC/SD News

It’s Intermission

With a simple change of words, the Fox Theatre in Michigan shifted the message from an unending “it’s the new normal” catastrophe, to a pause from which we will recover. It presented a new way to look at today and tomorrow ( complete with video).
The power of words to communicate not just facts for today, but a vision of hope in the future, is one of the strengths we have as communicators. Since March, that strength has been sorely tested in numerous, exhausting and sometimes frightening ways. That strength has also opened the door to exploring other avenues of communication to meet today’s distracted and distanced workforce.
Welcome to virtual meetings! While our San Diego chapter had to cancel its March, April, May and June in-person events, we are ramping up for virtual get-togethers. 
Our first event is on Thursday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m.,  “What I Learned On the Way to…”. Bring your highs and lows, your questions, funny moments from those Zoom conference calls, what you’ve learned during the pandemic and how you foresee the future. Let’s share our experiences and information together over a virtual happy hour.  Register here. 
Virtual meetings have opened us up to a larger world and I hope they continue after the intermission. Through IABC, and other groups, I’ve reconnected with members whom I would only see at annual conventions and chatted with new people from California as well as other states and countries. The 2020 Virtual IABC World Conference in June takes those worldwide online connections to a whole new level.
You can expand your local IABC member connections this Thursday, May 14 at 5:00 pm. Join IABC members from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles for a kick back “SoCal IABC Virtual Happy Hour”. Come and mingle and meet new friends and colleagues.  Register here
You can also create new connections right here in San Diego by joining our Board. The new Board year begins July 1, and we’d love to have you on the team as we navigate from today to whatever the future holds.
We look forward to seeing you all virtually during this intermission. 
Stay safe and well.
Jan McGinn
President, IABC/San Diego
As part of IABC’s 50th Anniversary celebration our San Diego chapter would like to know what IABC means to you and how the association has helped you develop professionally or widened your network.
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The new IABC/San Diego board year starts on July 1. Take this opportunity to burnish your resume, collaborate with IABC members and give back to your profession.
Contact a current board member to learn more or email:


May 14, 5:00 PM
SoCal IABC Virtual Happy Hour
Meet with IABC members from LA, OC and San Diego.
Bring your drink of choice, add your craziest Zoom background and COMMingle!

May 21, 5:00 PM
What I Learned on the Way to…
Bring your “highs and lows and what you’ve learned during the pandemic and how you foresee the future. 
Register Here

June TBD
Awards Celebration
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