Collaboration and Learning – July 2020

I’m honored to serve on the IABC/San Diego board as 2020-2021 president and look forward to contributing to the chapter and inspiring fellow communication professionals. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing board members for their leadership and dedication.

I joined the San Diego chapter over a year ago upon moving back home. Previously, I had the opportunity to serve on the board at IABC chapters in Washington DC, Hong Kong and Northern New Jersey. I’ve enjoyed being affiliated with IABC thanks to like-minded communication professionals representing multiple disciplines including marketing and corporate communications, employee engagement and media relations.

Volunteering on a closely-knit board is similar to working on a collaborative, cross-disciplinary communications team. We establish strategic goals for the year, ensure we are financially sound, invest in effective technology, develop and implement programs and events, roll-out communication campaigns targeting our stakeholders, and strive to connect with and grow our membership. 

Just as IABC nurtures professionals from a variety of disciplines, our board leverages its strengths and diverse skillsets. We focus on marketing communications, employee engagement, media relations, event management, social media outreach, writing, editing, digital design, recruitment, community relations and more. 

As we move forward with planning the year ahead, we will strive to enhance programs and events by highlighting integrated communications, shared best practices and career guidance.  

Our success, however, hinges on your engagement. Please share your areas of expertise, new disciplines you would like to explore and perhaps case studies you’d like to showcase. Better yet, take this opportunity to volunteer on our board and make your impact on IABC/San Diego.

Looking forward to a year of collaboration and learning.



Jayanti Menches

IABC/San Diego President

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