IABC/San Diego

President’s Message – January 2021

08.01.2021 in IABC/SD News

Protecting Brand Value Shaping an organization’s brand and protecting corporate reputation has always been one of my fundamental tenets as a business communicator. Like most of us, I was appalled and offended as I watched the insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Not only…

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President’s Message – December 2020

08.12.2020 in IABC/SD News

Start the Conversation As 2020 winds down and we look forward to a fresh start in the year ahead, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you have a supportive communications community to lean on at IABC/San Diego. Whether you would like…

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25.11.2020 in IABC/SD News

We’re matching up to $1,000 in donations to the San Diego Food Bank Help support our neighbors in need by joining IABC/San Diego members in donating vital contributions to the San Diego Food Bank. We are hosting a virtual food drive to benefit the 350,000…

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President’s Message – November 2020

12.11.2020 in IABC/SD News

Giving Back Pays Dividends With Thanksgiving approaching, despite the trials of 2020, we need to look within our organizations and ourselves to find the good that we can be grateful for. At the organizational level, Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the ways organizations…

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President’s Message – October 2020

06.10.2020 in IABC/SD News

The Art of Listening In today’s high stress Covid-19 environment, as communicators we are dealing with ever changing organizational priorities and non-stop message development all while trying to prioritize responsibilities at home between unending virtual conference calls. We can relate to our fellow professionals and…

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