2021 Communication Management Pro Series

2021 Communication Management Pro Series

Professional communicators must draw on a powerful and diverse set of skills to guide and strengthen their organizations, teams or clients.

  • Ethics sets the foundation.
  • Strategy is the keystone.
  • Analysis ensures architectural integrity.
  • Engagement, context and consistency are the mortar that brings all the pieces together to build success.

Join the IABC Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco chapters and explore each of these key areas in our 2021 Communication Management Pro Series. Each session is led by a seasoned communications leader who knows what today’s C-suite and employers are looking for and what’s needed to pass the IABC Communication Management Professional (CMP®) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP®) exams.

Use the series to work toward your CMP® or SCMP® certification in 2021 (the exam will be held following the series) or simply use it to refresh or improve your communication management knowledge and practice.

Each presentation is about an hour. Following the presentation, we will host open networking (an important feature of our IABC chapter gatherings) and a short Q&A about CMP® and SCMP® certification for those interested. Sign up for each presentation in the 4 part series:

Interested in learning more about the CMP® or SCMP®?