Meet our Members

Meet Christina Hastings

10.05.2018 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Christina is an Associate Director of Employee Communication at Bridgepoint Education. When she’s not working on strategies for multi-layered communication plans, you’ll find her hanging out with friends and family or trying out the latest restaurant.

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Meet Elaine Regalado

01.04.2018 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Elaine is a Senior Employee Engagement Specialist at Qualcomm where she helps to manage fun global engagement programs, executive sessions with employees and internal communication plans. In her free time, you’ll find her on the dance floor, being a tourist in San Diego or stand-up…

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Meet Darlene Cossio

26.10.2017 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Darlene is the Director of Communication for Goodwill Industries of San Diego County and a new IABC/SD member. She likes to spend her free time with her family, reading a book, sewing, watching a movie, traveling or enjoying our beautiful city.

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Meet Dave Flynn

21.09.2017 in Get Featured, Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Meet Dave Flynn Dave is a Corporate Communications Manager at Scripps Health in San Diego. He likes to spend his free time with his family, reading and listening to podcasts and he admits to a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Padres. IABC Member Since: 2011…

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Meet Liz Neely

26.07.2017 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Liz works in Employee Communications at Qualcomm, and also sits on IABC/San Diego’s board as our VP, Communications. She finds the ability to  meet and learn from top-notch communications professionals the most valuable thing about her IABC membership. In her spare time, Liz loves going to…

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Meet Justin Carey

10.09.2015 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Former Senior Sales Coordinator for Better Business Bureau, Justin Carey is currently the Business Development Officer for the San Diego County Credit Union. A new member of IABC/San Diego, Justin is also the VP of Membership for the IABC/San Diego board. He thinks the greatest value of his…

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Meet Robynn Rockstad-Rex

07.08.2015 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Former Director of Communications & Programs for International Brain Research Organization, Robynn Rockstad-Rex is currently working with Qualcomm’s Employee Communications & Engagement team on several change management programs. A recent newcomer to San Diego, Robynn has attended many educational IABC events both in Seattle and in…

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Meet Marilyn Olson

20.04.2015 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Former Director of Corporate Relations for Visa and Principal for MPKO LLC, Marilyn Olson is the Senior Vice President for PPR Worldwide. Additionally, she is the recipient of IABC/San Diego’s Communicator of the Year Award. She has been a member of IABC since 2008 and finds the relationships and…

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Meet Meredith Mentzer

09.04.2015 in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Former Product Development Supervisor for The UPS Store Inc., Meredith Mentzer is the Communications Supervisor for The UPS Store, Inc. She has been a member of IABC since January 2015 and is looking forward to all the networking, learning opportunities and getting involved. Outside of work, you…

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