The Art of Listening – October 2020

In today’s high stress Covid-19 environment, as communicators we are dealing with ever changing organizational priorities and non-stop message development all while trying to prioritize responsibilities at home between unending virtual conference calls.

We can relate to our fellow professionals and the challenges we are facing on the job, however, as communicators we need to keep in mind what hurdles our internal and external stakeholders may be coping with. From childcare or the loss of a loved one to social justice or unemployment, the issues can be overwhelming.

Today, it’s more important than ever that as professionals we don’t just transmit key messages, we listen and communicate with empathy. It’s important to be mindful, compassionate and develop the art of listening, especially when we are forced to interact virtually and no longer have the luxury of face-to-face interactions.

You may be aware that the IABC Foundation has partnered with The Listening Project, which shares the desire to improve the way organizations listen to their people and communicators to their audiences. The Listening Project comprises surveys, interviews, reports, webinars, an online course and workshops, and will shortly be launching a global listening survey to all IABC members. To learn more, you can download a copy of the report.

With empathy,


Jayanti Menches/President/IABC/San Diego

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