Ethics Matter – September 2020

Several years ago when I was searching for a communications position, I ran across a year-old, veteran-run firm whose website stated that it was built on a foundation of legal, moral and ethical values. This peaked my attention as a job seeker and I ended up spending close to 10 years directing the company’s communications team and shaping its brand. As the firm grew its workforce and completed acquisitions, it was amazing to see how employees continued to embrace its values and ethical culture thereby shaping its stellar reputation.

As professional communicators we influence corporate reputation and culture daily. Most of us live and breathe our company’s mission, values or guiding principles while crafting internal or external messaging. We know that ethics matter!

IABC members abide by its Code of Ethics which helps guide us to make consistent, responsible, ethical and legal choices in all our communications. Honesty, accuracy, sensitivity and confidentiality are some of the attributes we must embrace in order to continually shape the communications profession.

Whether you’re facing ethical or reputational challenges in the workplace or are in the process of starting a new position, I’d recommend revisiting the IABC Code of Ethics and sharing it with your colleagues.



Jayanti Menches/President/IABC/San Diego

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