About Us

About IABC:

Keep your skills and knowledge at the forefront of the profession. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a worldwide alliance of 16,500 professionals dedicated to continually improving our professional abilities, progressing in our careers, sharing information and resources, uniting as a community, setting standards for excellence, building our credibility in the business world, and (best of all) having fun.

Rather than being industry or discipline specific, IABC’s focus spans the breadth of the communication ecosystem, enabling you to network, share ideas and best practices, and enhance your knowledge of this diverse profession.

Our members hold positions in:

  • Internal, External and Marketing Communications
  • Public, Media, Investor, Government and Community Relations
  • Advertising
  • Writing and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web, Multimedia and Video Production
  • Human Resources, Training and Development

About IABC/San Diego:

In San Diego, our chapter continues to grow and now has more than 120 members, including a newly formed student chapter at the University of San Diego.

Our chapter serves as a vibrant resource for career growth, professional development, networking, mentorship and channels for you to Be Heard.

As a member of IABC/San Diego, you have exclusive access to information, tools, resources and services that provide ideas and solutions for the business communications issues you face today and will face tomorrow.

The IABC Organization

Globally, IABC represents approximately 16,500 members working in more than 90 countries.

IABC is organized into three levels:

Chapters – Local organizations were established by volunteer IABC members in more than 100 cities in:

Australia | Belgium | Canada | Hong Kong | Malaysia | Namibia | New Zealand | Philippines | Slovenia | South Africa | Swaziland | United Kingdom | United States |

Chapters offer a range of local services, including regular professional development meetings and workshops, member newsletters, awards programs and job placement. Chapters also provide an excellent opportunity for local networking with peers.

Districts/Regions – Chapters are organized into districts and regions. Currently there are 13 districts and regions:

| USA (7) | Canada (2) | the Americas | Europe/Middle East/Northern Africa | Asia/Pacific| Sub-Saharan Africa |

Districts and regions provide services ranging from management support for chapters to annual conferences.

International – The international level of the association offers an array of direct services to individual members, as well as management support to chapters and districts/regions. At the international level, IABC is managed by an elected volunteer executive board — that sets the direction and policy of the association. A team of full-time staff members work at IABC world headquarters in San Francisco.