Brand & Storytelling

Every organization has a story to tell, even during a pandemic. Some companies have been able to thrive during COVID-19, some have been forced to significantly alter how they operate, while others have closed altogether.

Wayne Partello and Katie Jackson have been helping organizations tell their stories and continue building their brand over the past year. Initially, they worked for the Padres as the chief marketing officer and vice president of marketing, respectively, during a season unlike any other.

Now they have chosen to step away from those dream jobs and focus all of their attention on assisting local and national clients tell their story with CUENTO, a new marketing consultancy they’ve co-founded.

Wayne Partello

Katie Jackson

Join us on Thursday, February 25 from 5-6 p.m. to hear more about how they’ve been able to help their clients use their stories to continue moving forward during a time of unprecedented challenge.

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