Co-President’s Message – December 2022

New Year’s resolutions: Get more involved with IABC!

While December has only just begun, it’s not too early to start thinking about 2023. 

Transitions–such as starting a new school year or job, moving to a new location, and turning the calendar from one year to the next–offer natural opportunities for us to think about where we’ve been and where we want to be headed.

Just as you take time to reflect on your professional and personal accomplishments for the previous calendar or fiscal year, we invite you to spend some time thinking back on your development in 2022–what you did to advance yourself in this amazing profession. Then, consider the career enhancement(s) you’re seeking. Perhaps it’s meeting new people, learning new skills, broadening your exposure to industries and geographies, or getting certified as a certified communications professional (GCCC). Whatever it is, IABC International and the San Diego Chapter can help support you in that process.

You derive value from IABC based on your participation. We’re sure you’ve heard it before – you get out of something what you put into it. We encourage you to not let the opportunities this organization provides pass you by! 

We’ve been highlighting member benefits in our newsletters. Last month we touched on certification, and this month you can learn more about Shared Interest Groups. There are many more so stay tuned to future newsletters.

Whether you make resolutions or not, we hope – and want! – you to get more involved with IABC in 2023. No matter how you do so, we encourage you to identify opportunities for how IABC can support your career evolution, develop your skills and professional career and celebrate your accomplishments.

Brandee Beiriger and Rob Campbell
Co-Presidents, IABC SD