Co-President’s Message – November 2022

A Gift of Holiday Cheer and IABC Value

Is it too early to say “Happy Holidays!”?

Alas, the fall is upon us. The leaves are turning brown, there is a crisp in the early morning air and the final holidays of the calendar year are just around the corner. While it is customary to wish each other the best for this time of year, we’d prefer to say “Thank you!”. 

As IABC long-time members, we both have enjoyed the benefits of IABC membership, including networking (and landing a new job due to contacts made through networking!), professional development, and new friendships. Additionally, as former board members now leading our chapter, we’re also acutely aware of the choice(s) you have as a communications professional to join an organization that you believe will add professional value. 

Most recently, this topic came up during the recent Pacific Plains Region (PPR) chapter leaders’ meeting the first weekend of October. We heard that one of the challenges all chapters face is demonstrating the value IABC provides. 

Similarly, IABC International is also exploring this same topic and is looking for your feedback. You should have received an IABC email on Fri., October 21 informing you of some of the work underway (the email is titled “Organizing Ourselves to Thrive in the Future”). The goal is to “make sure we are fit for the future as well as the present, making it easier for you as volunteers to help deliver a seamless member experience to communications professionals wherever they work.” We encourage you to read the email in detail to understand how this work will proceed and provide feedback, as you desire. 

In the meantime, an objective of our extended term is to help elevate the value you receive for your membership. Whether that is through networking events, professional development webinars, shared interest groups, accreditation, or one of the other value-adds, our desire is to help you understand and take advantage of these membership benefits. Sometimes, they’re not always obvious (something IABC is working on) and not always in play. But, they still exist and we’re happy to discuss how to make any or all of them a part of your IABC San Diego experience. 

With that in mind, we will attempt to help highlight the value of your IABC membership in each newsletter. This month, we look at IABC’s communications certification – the only International Organization for Standards (ISO)-approved program. Stay tuned for more in forthcoming newsletters. 

We thank you, San Diego members, for continuing to invest in yourself and your career with an IABC membership. There are many options for how you choose to do so and we appreciate that you have joined and continue to be a part of IABC. 

We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon!

Brandee Beiriger and Rob Campbell
Co-Presidents, IABC SD