Crises, Crises, and More Crises: How to Manage the Message

COVID-19 impacted nearly every industry and organization, but none more so than nursing homes. The interest, scrutiny and skepticism for how these facilities responded to outbreaks and prevented the spread to its residents and healthcare workers came from all avenues.

Join us on September 30 to hear from Crisis PR specialist Dave Oates, APR, about the strategies and tactics he employed in managing the intense scrutiny from media and public interest during the pandemic. Dave’s clients include the owners of more than 50 skilled during homes across California. Dave will share important lessons that can be implemented at any organization, regardless of industry.

Dave possesses more than 25 years of strategic public relations experience across a military, government, corporate, charitable, and start-up environments. He has worked as a U.S. Navy Public Affairs Officer, a Corporate Chief Marketing Officer and president of a nonprofit and is currently the Principal for PR Security in San Diego where his clients include Plum Healthcare (operators of 55 nursing homes in California), Houston Texans, American National Investments, Neighborhood Healthcare, and many more.

Event registration details will be shared soon.