Event Archive: Crisis Management: General Motors Rebuilds Trust through Communications – Wed 10/17

12 Sep 2012, by IABC Webmaster in Events, IABC/SD News

Between 1990 and 2009, serving as spokesperson for General Motors was not always a drive in the park. During that time, GM was losing consumers to foreign vehicles. 

GM’s first foray into the electric vehicle market ended in 2000 when the company decided it was time to eventually stop production of the EV1. The end of EV1 angered consumers and incited the making of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car,” that painted the company and its spokespeople as “bad.”

Then, in 2009, GM filed for bankruptcy and accepted a federal bailout that sparked outrage in many circles. Today, GM continues on the road back to recovery, reporting record earnings, designing award-winning vehicles and successfully launching a new electric vehicle with extended range – the Chevy Volt. Even the follow-up movie, “The Revenge of the Electric Car,” has reversed the first movie’s negative tone about GM. Through high-touch grassroots programs and social media, the GM Western Region communications team managed to bring GM’s new fleet of vehicles directly to customers, thus changing hearts and minds, building loyalty and reviving credibility.

In this session, Dave Barthmuss, Group Manager of Product and Policy and chief spokesperson for GM Western Region, will speak about GM’s communications journey and share real-life anecdotes of how he managed crisis issues, angry consumers, and skeptical reporters through the tough times. He’ll also share the role social media played in rebuilding GM from the inside and out.

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