Expand Your Network During Member Month – October 2021

We all know that building and maintaining a strong network of professional peers is vital for success but it’s not always easy. Networking can be challenging, time-consuming and even awkward at times. At IABC San Diego, we’re here to make networking easy!

Did you know that 85% of job openings are filled through networking? (Forbes, 2021) However, despite all the benefits of networking, only 25% of professionals actually network (Marketing Expertus, 2020).

Set yourself apart with these simple tips to foster relationships and grow your network:

  • Be yourself: Genuine relationships are formed when you’re authentic and focused on getting to know the other person, rather than presenting a “sales-pitch” version of yourself.
  • Be curious: Ask questions and demonstrate active listening to cultivate conversation.
  • Quality over quantity: You don’t have to talkto everyone in the room – focus on genuine conversations that are relevant to your professional life.
  • Follow up: After meeting, connect on LinkedIn and include a personal note to say thank you.
  • Stay connected: Make a point to reach out periodically to catch-up – connect over coffee and share what you’ve been working on.

IABC San Diego is a supportive community of communications professionals, and our mission is to create connections. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, seeking best practices, or simply want to share the trials and tribulations of your day with someone who “gets it” – let us be a part of your network.

Now through November 12, IABC is offering 20% off all new memberships and renewals which means there’s no better time to get involved and expand your network

On behalf of the IABC San Diego Board, I invite each of you to reach out, connect with us on LinkedIn, or attend an upcoming event. We look forward to networking with you!

Katie Knott
President/IABC San Diego
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