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IABC kicking off new member benefit this year – Special Interest Groups

17 Sep 2013, by Kylie Munoz in Be Heard Blog, IABC/SD News


Kara McDermott
Director of
Special Interest Groups 

We all live busy lives and while we want to make time for our extracurricular activities, like IABC, sometimes that does not always happen as planned. Between work meetings, family commitments and other obligations, we just simply don’t always have the time to pop out for a professional development event or a happy hour. 

With a one year old son running wild now, I know this all too well. That’s why IABC is kicking off a new member benefit this year – Special Interest Groups. We want to provide an opportunity for our members with similar interests or skill sets to network, obtain knowledge and share ideas and resources. With your crazy schedules, this gives you another chance to get engaged with other IABC members that have valuable experience and insight.

Our first Special Interest Group will be for independent communicators. The idea of the independent communicators group is to create a forum for self-employed communicators to share ideas about managing and marketing their businesses. The group invites participation from local communications consultants, writers, editors, graphic artists, website developers and other business communicators. Members can share resources, viewpoints and work assignments through meetings and this IABC San Diego Independents group on LinkedIn.

I’m not an independent communicator, but I imagine it would be helpful to tap into others that can be a resource to you and your business. What do you think? Would this be helpful to you? If you are interested, please contact me at I’m here to help get this started!

What other special interest groups would you like to form within IABC San Diego?