Local Communications Association IABC/San Diego Announces 2020/2021 Board Slate

Local Communications Association IABC/San Diego Announces 2020/2021 Board Slate 

SANDIEGO, CA., July 14, 2020 — The International Association of Business Communicators’ San Diego chapter (IABC/San Diego) is pleased to announce its 2020/2021 board of directors. IABC is a global association connecting communication professionals with the people and insights necessary to drive business results.

“The IABC/San Diego chapter is honored to have a creative and experienced group of business communicators volunteering to serve on our board,” said Jayanti Menches, incoming president at IABC/San Diego. The new board comprises communications professionals representing a variety of industries in San Diego including telecom, life sciences, defense, higher education, healthcare and software. 

The 2020/ 2021 IABC/San Diego Board of Directors include:

  • President: Jayanti Menches
  • Past-President: Jan McGinn
  • Vice President, Administration: Lauren Levenson
  • Vice President, Finance: Michael Hromadik
  • Vice President, Membership: Rob Campbell
  • Co – Vice Presidents, Programs & Events: Dave Flynn & Katie Knott
  • Vice President, Communications: Liz Neely
  • Director, Communications: Kacy Vega
  • Director, Recognition & Events: Lauren Karwel
  • Director at Large: Mike Godfrey
  • Director at Large: Kate Griffin

IABC advances the awareness of communication as a strategic leadership function within organizations and demonstrates its impact on business performance. 

“Communicators have had to step up their game during the pandemic, by adeptly developing and implementing effective executive outreach campaigns as well as client and employee engagement programs,” said Ms. Menches. “We applaud our members’ dedication as the IABC/San Diego board continues to deliver professional development programs and share best practices to help members meet new challenges.”

To join IABC/San Diego and learn more about its programs and events, visit www.sandiego.iabc.com.

About IABC/San Diego

IABC/San Diego is the local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). With close to 70 members and a network of hundreds, IABC/San Diego is the leading community for San-Diego based communicators to network with, learn from and recognize each other. At IABC/San Diego business communicators can join their peers to share knowledge and experience, grow skills and enhance professional success. As part of an international IABC network, IABC/San Diego members influence and interact with communication practitioners around the globe.


Contact: Jayanti Menches, IABC/San Diego

Email: sandiego-info@iabc.com