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Event Archive: Turn Conflict Into Conversation – Communication to Encourage Positive Change

10 Mar 2012, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Event Archive, Events

Conflict is a normal part of life – both personally and professionally. As communicators, we should be prepared to communicate effectively through conflict and turn these experiences into positive opportunities for growth and change.

Foreign Exchanges is a program that offers engagement process including mediation. It is a fluid process that moves between people and within each person focusing on skills of reflection, assessment, and communication for conflict transformation. Self-knowledge, bias awareness, and recognition of one’s personal interests are crucial to developing the capacity to listen emphatically to others. Foreign Exchanges builds the trust and skills necessary for each party to open internally and to communicate openly between one and another. This capacity allows parties to engage with the differences between them and to explore creative options, transforming conflict into generative relationship.

About our speaker:
Dorit Cypis is an artist and a mediator. Her photographic and immersive explorations on identity as corporeal, psychological, and political have been presented at museums and public venues internationally since 1980. Foreign Exchanges was founded by Dorit in 2007 to offer skills for conflict engagement across difference, blending tools of aesthetics and mediation through Public Dialogue forums, training, coaching, and mediation. She is a Founding Member of Mediators Beyond Borders, past Chair of the MBB Middle East Initiative, and currently is active as a volunteer mediator with Occupy Los Angeles.

Dorit was Founder and Director of Kulture Klub Collaborative, linking social service and arts organizations to support artists guiding homeless youth in discovering their voice, as well as Director for Foundation for Art Resources (FAR), integrating cultural and aesthetic roles of art and artists and championing partnerships between private, public, and educational institutions. Dorit has taught in the arts nationally and internationally since 1983. She earned a Masters of Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University; Masters of Fine Art from California Institute for the Arts; and bachelor’s degrees in education and fine art from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

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