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Marketing to the Mature Marketplace

10 Feb 2011, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Event Archive

Don Marsh

We have reached a unique moment in our nation’s history, when one in three Americans is over the age of 50 with the expectation of living longer than previous generations. For business and marketing professionals, the ability to understand and communicate with this unique target audience will be the pathway to increased customer satisfaction and long-term business growth.
At our February 23, 2011 event, Don Marsh shared with attendees how to:

  1. Learn the “Five Key Concepts” that motivate the 50+ Mature Marketplace;
  2. Understand how the unique physical and cognitive changes that occur with aging impact the decision-making process;
  3. Develop enhanced relationship-building skills for all staff levels that lead to increased customer satisfaction and long-term business growth;
  4. Create non-traditional marketing programs proven to be effective, especially in times of economic challenge and limited budgets;
  5. Develop external (customer acquisition) and internal (customer retention) communication programs that lead to increased market penetration and decreased marketing costs.

About the Speaker:
Don Marsh has 38 years of marketing experience and is the author of one book, and more than 200 articles. In 2009, he recorded a series of audio CDs for GE Financial, based on his presentation on “Marketing to the Mature Marketplace.” As a professional speaker, he has been a featured presenter at more than 100 senior-industry conferences, seminars and workshops. As a marketing consultant, he has conducted staff training workshops and created customized marketing programs for hundreds of business owners. After years under contract to national organizations and leading manufacturers, he now works as an Independent Marketing Consultant. As a result, his presentations contain no bias toward any company or product.

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