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Event Archive: Be Prepared for Your Next Crisis With a Communications Plan that Works

18 Apr 2012, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Event Archive

Whether we like it or not, all organizations will experience a crisis at some point. As communications experts, we should be prepared with a plan of how to handle that crisis before it hits. Making a wrong move in a crucial situation can make a big impact on your organization and your career.

Joan Gladstone, nationally-respected crisis communication expert, will offer practical advice on how to prepare a highly effective, do-it-yourself plan. Joan has taken the daunting task of preparing crisis communications plans and created a clear, five-step process that you can implement whether or not you’ve helped manage crises in the past.

You’ll walk away with an outline that you can adapt to fit the unique needs of your company, nonprofit or clients. What’s more, Joan will reveal how to convince top management to support your efforts and implement your plan. Your strategic plan will earn you an important seat at the executive table when the next crisis is brewing.

We look forward to seeing you at IABC/San Diego’s May professional development event. Lunch will be provided.

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About our speaker

Joan Gladstone is one of the most experienced crisis communications consultants in California. Joan has helped many companies, nonprofits, and cities to manage intense media scrutiny and emerge with reputations intact. She founded Laguna Beach-based Gladstone International, Inc., in 1989.

Since handling global media related to County of Orange bankruptcy in 1994, Joan has developed crisis communications plans and managed national media attention regarding product recalls, cyber hacking, labor disputes, foreign-object-in-food crises, toxic spills, landslides, political protests, regulatory agency investigations, recalls and more.

Joan has presented crisis communications workshops and speeches to more than 100 organizations and taught more than 3,500 executives how to manage media interviews with confidence.  Joan is a member of the prestigious Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) College of Fellows, awarded in recognition of lifetime achievement and service to the profession.

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