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Meet Bonnie Nicholls

04 Aug 2010, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Meet our Members

Bonnie-Nicholls_0419_v1s-1-200x300Professional Writer

IABC member since: 2006

About Me

Oakland, Calif.

Current residence:
San Diego, Calif.

Favorite Quote:
“Make it so” (Jean Luc Picard of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)

Three words that best describe me:
Intense, dogged, a jokester

When I’m not working, you could find me…
Hiking in San Diego’s mountains, singing karaoke, reading The New Yorker with my cat on my lap, or planning my next vacation.

My Life in Communications

The biggest communications challenge I have faced…

Marketing myself as a professional writer specializing in articles, bios, web content, copywriting and case studies. I decided to go into business for myself, and now I’m learning everything that results from that decision. It’s not just the writing, but finding the best niche for the services I provide. Before, the only time I had to market myself was when I was looking for a new job. Now I am a walking brand. And that’s a completely new experience for me. It means I have to believe in myself, my skill set, and what I have to offer like never before. As a former internal communicator, I never thought much about marketing. Well, I guess the best way is baptism by fire.

My favorite communications memory is…
Putting up the Starr Report on the news web site that I worked for at the time. It was a sad, lurid thing; it was like reading The Enquirer. The adrenaline of accessing this report and the incredible disappointment I experienced after reading about President Clinton was something I’d never felt before. I felt that I embodied the evil media at the time, knowing that it would generate page views, but at what cost? While that doesn’t seem like a “favorite” memory, it had a huge impact on me.

The most important communications or professional lesson I’ve learned is…
Develop strong relationships with your colleagues and clients, be honest with them, and respect their wisdom and knowledge.

Resources that I really find useful and recommend to other communicators are…, Copyblogger.comThe Associated Press Guide to News Writing by Rene J. Cappon; Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph M. Williams; and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

You should know this about me…
What I enjoy is when a story or a project that I initiate resonates with an audience. There’s nothing better than seeing something you love and care about have a positive impact on your readers.

Career Highlights

Current Job
Professional Writer

Previous Jobs

Internal Communications Manager, Leidos, 2013-2014
Web News Director, SAIC, 2008-2012
iNews Editor, SAIC, 2004-2008
Senior Content Producer, SAIC, 2003-2004
Online Content Producer,, 1997-2002
Editor of various community newspapers in San Diego, 1990-1995