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Meet Robynn Rockstad-Rex

07 Aug 2015, by Kylie Munoz in Meet our Members, Member Profiles

Robynn Rockstad-Rex is a Senior Communications Consultant for Kaiser Permanente’s Membership Administration division, and she has also worked on several major change-management programs at Qualcomm. She joined IABC/San Diego soon after moving here four years ago from Paris, France, and credits her fellow IABC members with successfully connecting her with the local job market and helping her re-establish her career in the U.S.  Outside of work, you can find Robynn in motion (hiking, horseback-riding, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, boogie-boarding, playing the piano, cooking or dancing).

About Me

Puyallup, WA

Current Residence:
La Jolla, CA

IABC Member Since:

Favorite Quote: 
“If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet, how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” — Fred Rogers

When I’m not working, you could find me…
In motion (hiking, horseback-riding, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, boogie-boarding, practicing the piano, cooking or dancing).

Three words that best describe me:
Adventurous, Creative, Reliable

My Life in Communications

The biggest communications challenge I have faced…
I had just moved to France and was working for the first time for a French company, in a newly formed division of a multinational corporation, where internal communication channels hadn’t yet been established. Adapting to a new country and culture was challenging in itself, but a few weeks into my new job, I was informed that I was responsible for planning all aspects of a daylong, worldwide management meeting (with 100 of the business’s top managers) that was taking place the very next month. Nothing had yet been done – not even the invitation list. Both of my bosses thought the other had told me about it! I worked many long hours and had some major challenges in aligning the steering committee on messaging, but everything came together. The meeting netted high satisfaction rates. And then I recovered over a well-timed 4-day holiday weekend!

My favorite communications memory is…
Creating a personalized and targeted dimensional mailer with a super-hero theme, which was sent to the key decision makers of our number-one competitor’s clients. The mailer included a comic book, written in true comic style – Bam! Pow! – with clever (if I do say so, myself) stories illustrating how our company/super-hero saved the day for them. It was fun to create, and even more fun to see how well it worked.

The most important communications or professional lesson I’ve learned is…
At the end of the day, it’s people who make decisions, not companies.

Resources that I really find useful and recommend to other communicators are…
The following books: “Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen” by Donald Miller; “Tell the Truth: Honesty Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool” by Sue Unerman; “Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be” by Marshall Goldsmith; “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” by Liz Wiseman; “The Front-Line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up” by Chris Van Gorder; “Maximizing Internal Communication” by Paul Barton.

The most valuable thing about my membership with IABC is…
Its rich network of talented, personable and caring communicators. When I moved to San Diego four years ago – after living in France for 10 years – I didn’t have any professional connections here. The first thing I did was to join IABC/San Diego and became a Board member. This really helped me get established and recommended for open positions. Every job I’ve had in San Diego has come about through my IABC network!

You should know this about me…
I am really, really (really!) interested in what makes people tick.

Career Highlights

Current Job
Senior Communications Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

Previous Jobs
Employee Communications & Engagement Partner, Qualcomm, 2016-2018
Director of Communications & Programs, International Brain Research Organization, 2007-2014
Director of Communications, AREVA T&D, 2005-2007
Consultant/Principal, R3 Strategic Communications, 2001-2005
Director of Marketing & Communications, UNICO Properties, 2000-2001
Marketing Manager & Managing Editor, CareWise (a healthcare demand-management company), 1995-2000