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Meet Ted Uhler

18 Apr 2010, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Meet our Members

Ted UnlerMarketing Communications and Public Affairs Professional

IABC member since: 2009

About Me

Cleveland, Ohio (stop laughing); hardcore San Diegan since 1975.

Current residence:
Carlsbad, Calif. Oops, I mean La Costa, Calif. (sounds more sophisticated).

Favorite quote:
“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.” — Leo Rosten

Three words that best describe me:
Tenacious, dedicated, inquisitive.

When I’m not working, you could find me…
Engaged in fitness activities, obsessively reading nonfiction or at the movies with my wife (mainstream and art house films).

My Life in Communications

The biggest communications challenge I have faced…
Very early in my career, when I was an awkward, little puppy, full of sunshine and rainbows, I was cornered by a reporter in an elevator who asked me about a somewhat sensitive political matter. I was very reluctant to say anything. But then he promised me that any background info offered would be “off the record” and that I could not possibly be affected in any way. Yep, you guessed it. The very next day I learned a very important lesson about working with the media. The little puppy became a more streetwise hound.

My favorite communications memory is…
When I was the marcom person on the marketing team at a high-tech company. We all got along and brought a lot of humor into the department and workplace. We had great success developing effective tools for our sales force and helped the company double its annual revenues over a two-year period.

The most important communications or professional lesson I’ve learned is…
Please see my “biggest challenge story” above. Also, a couple other lessons learned: Try to obtain general agreement from your boss, bosses or clients on two key things: 1) Who the target audience is for your project or output, and 2) What, ideally, the audience is supposed to do in response to your work.

Resources that I really find useful and recommend to other communicators are…
Associated Press Stylebook,,,,,, The Elements of Style (by Strunk & White).

You should know this about me…
Writing, editing, marketing communications and public affairs are not just my profession. They’re what I love to do.

Career Highlights

  • Freelance Marketing Communications/Writing/Editing (2009-Present)
  • Senior Marketing Writer/Editor, Dimension One, Inc. (2006-2009)
  • Marketing Communications Manager, Dot Hill Systems Corp. (2000-2006)
  • Education Services Manager, Detwiler Foundation/Computers for Schools (1997-2000)
  • Public Affairs Officer, Cox Communications San Diego (1981-1997)


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