Member Resources – Spotlight on Social Media

05 Apr 2012, by Kate Hardman, ABC in IABC/SD News

With this month’s professional development event focusing on Social Media and how it can help you to build relationships, check out some of the online resources available to you through IABC.

Creating Vibrant Online Collaborative Communities Within and Organization
Get commonsense advice from 15 thought leaders and community managers who have established internal online collaborative communities. This report is a useful resource for any business communicator looking for guidance on creating such communities in their organization. Read more.

Measuring the Real ROI of Social Media
ROI, or return on investment is a profitability measure that evaluates the performance of a business by dividing net profit by net worth. Nowhere in these definitions do you see words like engagement, influence, inspiration, awareness, reach, friends, followers, hits or retweets. Read on to learn how to effectively measure the RIO of social media on your business results. Read more.Social Media PoliciesThe explosion of social media has led to new ways for organizations to communicate, but also new risks, as companies no longer have complete control over their messages. Having a clear and simple social media policy in place for employees can help mitigate these risks, and help employees to be effective brand ambassadors. Read more.