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Networking Your Way to New Business: How to Rise Above the Crowd

20 Apr 2011, by Kate Hardman, ABC in Event Archive

Hank Blank

  • Today your Google presence is much more important than your elevator speech
  • How to maximize personal and social networking to rise above the crowd
  • How to network more effectively

Today it is imperative to rise above the crowd.  Today you need to be easy to find. Once people find you, your thought leadership needs to be robust to create your reputation and expertise. Your brand, whether you are a company or an individual, needs to be unique and distinctive.

If you are in transition you are in a huge pool of great talent vying for a limited number of jobs. It is not about your elevator speech, it is about your Google presence.

Today approximately 80 percent of clients find their own vendors. Increasingly recruiters and hiring managers are using the Internet and their personal networks to find people, because if they post a job, they receive too many resumes to sort through.

Whether you are a company or an individual you need to own the first page on Google with positive thought leadership so you look prominent, current and smart. Today you need to distinguish yourself based not on what you do, but on who you are.

You have to provide rationale for risk adverse hiring managers to pick you out of the crowd. You also need to capture the power of traditional press releases to create news about yourself or your company.  Technology and the Internet are changing rapidly and dramatically. You need to be current on those changes and reinvent yourself constantly.

You also need to be extremely proficient in social media and social networks to help your search engine optimization and spread your thought leadership. You also need a strong personal network to create a strong reputation for you through word of mouth dialogue, generate referrals and empower you with resources.

About the Speaker:
Hank Blank runs a marketing services company based in Laguna Niguel, CA.  He speaks on New Business Development and Networking to companies and organizations across the country.

Hank has been a keynote speaker for companies such as Jacuzzi, Sundance Dealers, Volvo, Sole Technology, Helms Briscoe and others. You can check out hank at www.hankblank.com or just Google Hank Blank.

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