New Year’s Trends & Resolutions – January 2022

2022 has (finally!) arrived and if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s the increasing importance of authentic communication and the value of strategic communicators.

The way we work has changed. Hybrid work environments and geographically dispersed teams are the new norm, and as organizations compete for top talent amid the “Great Resignation” – communicators play a critical role in achieving success.  

Prepare for the year ahead by exploring these top trends and resolve to make your communications stand out in 2022:

  • Listen: Two-way dialogue is important. Seek feedback from your key stakeholders and develop a strategy to address their priorities.
  • Lead by example: Engage senior leadership in your communications strategy.Visible and transparent leadership builds trust.
  • Make it personal: The days of corporate jargon are over. Connect with your audience directly using simple and relatable messaging. 
  • Focus on wellbeing: Burnout is real. Demonstrate compassion and incorporate a culture of wellbeing in your messaging.
  • Diversify: Employees are working differently. Use a variety of channels to tailor messages and reach employees where they are.

As IABC San Diego welcomes the new year, we resolve to grow our community and further engage our member-base with a variety of in-person and virtual events.

We hope you will join us later this month as we kick-off the new year with new connections at an informal in-person networking event. Stay tuned for more information!

On behalf of the IABC San Diego Board, we wish you a happy and healthy new year and look forward to connecting with you in 2022.

Katie Knott
President/IABC San Diego
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