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President’s Letter – February 2017

16 Feb 2017, by Anna Davison in Be Heard Blog, IABC/SD News

Anna Davison, IABC San Diego President

Anna Davison, IABC San Diego President

Three Reasons You Should Apply for 2017 Communicator of the Year

Communication can be challenging. We all know it. We live it. The IABC/San Diego 2017 Communicator or Junior Communicator of the Year is an opportunity to celebrate it. There are so many communicators doing great work in San Diego. There are also many young communication professionals who are rising stars. This is the time to nominate them by March 6 and help them shine.

But what if you are doing the great work? Have no fear. We encourage you to nominate yourself. That’s right! We want you to toot your own horn. Brag shamelessly. Why? Because you’ve earned it.

Here are three reasons to jump in and submit yourself for 2017 Communicator, or Junior Communicator, of the Year.

1. Recognition Helps Your Career
We can talk about the projects we are proud of, or the times we know communication has helped make a positive impact, but our work can be hard to quantify. An award like Communicator of the Year can help. Whether you are looking for a promotion, help landing a new job, or want leadership to have more visibility into your capabilities, being named Communicator of the Year or Junior Communicator of the Year will speak volumes for you.

2. The Nomination Process is Easier Than You Think
Intimidated by the thought of putting together a nomination? Don’t be. The whole process is a lot easier than you think. Looking back over the year, you know you had moments when you just nailed it. The communication was spot on. The audience got exactly what they needed. You helped the business. The nomination process can actually be a wonderful exercise in reviewing the hard work you have done – and it’s not as hard you think. I promise.

3. When You Shine, You Give Others Permission to Do the Same
Communications is not an exact science. We are also not always recognized for the impact we have on an organization. By sharing your success and being willing to talk about the things you’ve done that made a difference for the business, you give other communicators permission to talk about their successes. Being humble is good, but there is also a time, a place, and a benefit to shouting from the rooftops every once in while about what we do. (PS: This award is that time and place!)

If you are reading this and feel that desire to have your work recognized, I say this: Go for it. Seize the day. Submit your nomination by March 6, 2017.

Still feel a tiny bit uneasy about nominating yourself? Email me at I would love to give you more information about the nomination process. We could also talk about the great work you’ve done this year. Who knows… maybe I will nominate you!

Anna Davison
IABC/San Diego President and
2016 Communicator of the Year