President’s Letter – June 2019

21 Jun 2019, by Kathleen Park in IABC/SD News

How much change have you faced in the past five years? Would you say that it’s at least been significant, if not the most change you’ve ever undergone? Now consider this: The last five years will be the slowest rate of change you’ll ever experience again.
This thought – put forth by Peter Sheahan at the start of his closing keynote at last week’s IABC World Conference in Vancouver, BC – should give you pause, as you realize the world is only going to get more complex. Just keeping up with change – if that’s even possible with our current practices – is not enough anymore. We have to find a way to move ahead before changes and trends surpass us.
Which is why there’s no better time to be a business communicator!
Why? According to Sheahan, in addition to being in the reputation business, we must also be about relevance, and how well we weave narratives in the spaces between the two. “If that’s not business communications,” he said, “I don’t know what is. And if you’re not tapping into the community of communicators, you are becoming less relevant.”
One of the best ways to stay relevant and ahead of trends is to actively recruit and nurture diverse perspectives. Sempra Energy, headquartered in San Diego, is widely recognized as a diversity and inclusion (D&I) leader; a few of their awards and honors are listed below. Please join us on Friday, July 12, for a special program:  Diversity & Inclusion: Best Practices from Sempra Energy. It’s your opportunity to learn how communicators can take D&I efforts to new heights, and ask questions of Sempra’s esteemed D&I team.
As my board term comes to an end this month, I wanted you to know that it has been an honor to serve as president of the San Diego chapter of IABC, and I hope to see you at future events. We have a few exciting ones in the works.
We’ll also soon be announcing the board for the 2019/20 term, which is shaping up nicely. If you are interested in volunteering and further “tapping into the community of communicators” (we can find a place for you!), please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide more information.

Robynn Rockstad-Rex
President, IABC/San Diego