Get Certified – February 2021

Certification is an important career enhancing criteria in the medical, legal, engineering and other professional fields. Now it’s our time to be recognized and increase the credibility of the communication profession by testing your skills and gaining an independent verification of your expertise.

IABC has established the Communication Management Professional CMP® and Strategic Communication Management Professional SCMP® certifications. As a business communicator, earning a professional certification can elevate your career and help you keep your skills fresh and applicable.

IABC/San Diego is partnering with the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Silicon Valley chapters on a Communication Management Pro Series to help you prepare for the certification exam or to simply enhance your skills. The series focuses on key communication principles including: Ethics, Strategy, Analysis, Context, Engagement and Consistency.

Whether you are an IABC member or not, as a communicator you are encouraged to advance your professional standing by earning a certification and adding a few invaluable initials after your name.

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Jayanti Menches / President / IABC / San Diego

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