Protecting Brand Value – January 2021

Shaping an organization’s brand and protecting corporate reputation has always been one of my fundamental tenets as a business communicator.

Like most of us, I was appalled and offended as I watched the insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Not only was our democracy under attack, but our nation’s brand and reputation were being destroyed and dragged through the mud as the world watched.

Brand value is an intangible asset and its worth is immeasurable. Strong brands are highly attractive, coveted and valued. Unfortunately, although it takes years to build a great brand, it doesn’t take much to bring one down. An imprudent employee action, a thoughtless social media post, negative press or even impending litigation can easily destroy a brand.

As communicators, we strive to strengthen our organization’s brand internally and externally with effective strategy, sound tactics and measurable benchmarks. Protecting brand value falls on our shoulders as we work to counsel executives, educate employees and influence clients and investors. Brand management is a vital element of what we do on a daily basis.

I’m optimistic that as we move forward the USA brand will regain its positive reputation. It will, however, take time, trust, leadership, communications and most importantly each of us to pull together as one to shape and protect our brand.

With hope, 


Jayanti Menches / President / IABC / San Diego

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