What Does IABC Mean to You? – March 2021

I’ve often been asked what IABC is about and why I belong to this global association. When I look back at my long relationship with IABC it has meant something different to me depending on where I was on my communications journey.

Early in my career, I joined the association in order to enhance my communication skills through professional development seeking to learn about disciplines outside the scope of my daily responsibilities.

As my career progressed, I attended local chapter meetings and international conferences and started to build a network of fellow IABC members. We shared our challenges at work, discussed emerging trends and helped each other with our job searches.

When circumstances moved me from one city to another, my first call was to the president of my local IABC chapter. My IABC family helped me build a sense of community, introduced me to business opportunities and shared the local culture.

As I took on more senior communication roles and started to build and direct teams, I encouraged my colleagues to join professional associations. I also realized the value of volunteering and giving back to my community. I’ve been fortunate to serve on IABC chapter boards in Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Northern New Jersey and finally here at home in San Diego. The leadership experience has been invaluable.

IABC just kicked off its 2021 Membership Drive and this your opportunity to renew, join or invite a colleague or friend to start their IABC journey.

In closing, I’d love to hear, “What does IABC mean to you?”

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jayanti Menches/President/IABC/San Diego

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