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Professional Development Highlights: Achieving a Greater Return on Investment from Your Speaking Opportunities

25 Sep 2012, by IABC Webmaster in Be Heard Blog, IABC/SD News

“Speeches are special,” proclaimed Cliff Kennedy, president and executive creative director of Greenview Creative Group Inc., to a roomful of San Diego communication professionals during IABC San Diego’s professional development luncheon on Sept. 19. While seemingly a one-way communication, speeches are a dialogue whereby the speaker creates understanding, respect and belief with the audience through drama and rhetoric. While this includes traditional addresses from podiums, the definition of a speech has expanded in today’s social media climate to include podcasts and webinars.

During the session titled “RSO: Achieving a Greater Return on Investment from Your Speaking Opportunities,” Kennedy shared the five key steps to maximizing results from executive speaking opportunities. With the understanding that speeches can – and should – be nonlinear and unpredictable rather than buried in logic, the first step in a successful speaking performance is a clearly-defined purpose. From there, speeches must seek to change perspectives and expectations. In fact, a good way to test a message is to present it to an audience. Following the speaking engagement, communicators must collaborate with their executives to integrate lessons learned for continual improvement.

As with this luncheon, IABC San Diego is dedicated to promoting communication excellence through professional development luncheons throughout the year. Check out our next event on October 17, when General Motors representative Barthmuss talks about rebuilding trust through communication.

By: Despina Papadatos