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Professional Development Highlights: Rebuilding Trust Through Communication

12 Nov 2012, by IABC Webmaster in Be Heard Blog, IABC/SD News

Last month we were fortunate to hear from Dave Barthmuss, Group Manager of Product and Policy and chief spokesperson for GM Western Region, about his experiences facing some of the most emotionally charged crises a company can face. Barthmuss was at the center of GM’s government bailout and the backlash of ending its electronic car manufacturing. Not only were critics running GM through the mud, but they were attacking him personally as he was the most visible spokesperson.

Barthmuss outlined six strategies employed by his team at GM that successfully helped turned the tides:

  1. Go native – Address crises on a local level
  2. Win back the hearts and minds of people directly
  3. Embrace the evolving nature of media
  4. Measure what’s important (among other things, GM measured “butts in seats.”)
  5. Keep nay-sayers close and engaged
  6. Don’t take things personally

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By: Angie Robert