ABCs Add Credibility, Respect

Accredited business communicators (ABCs) agree that the qualification increases their credibility and respect as a professional communicator.

October is IABC Accreditation month, so what better time to think about enhancing your career. From October 1 through November 15, take advantage of discounts, including the potential for 10% off the application fee (if five or more candidates apply from our chapter), $20 to spend at the IABC Knowledge Centre, as well as your chance to win some great professional development prizes.

If you’d like to know more about the accreditation process, contact co-directors Karen Pearson, ABC or Lisa Hunter, ABC

You can also listen to a recording of a recent webinar hosted by Cathleen Wolf, ABC, Director of Portfolios, IABC Accreditation Committee.

Accreditation Demystified and Keys to Success

This fast-paced overview will help you consider whether you’re ready to take an important career step – becoming an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC). The session will share:

– The value of accreditation: The steps and keys to success
– Online examples of a successful portfolio evaluation
– Sample exam topics, tips and resources

Listen to the recording

Download the presentation

>>Watch a short video (46 seconds) with Mark Schumann, 2009-2010 Chairman of IABC/International, explaining the importance of accreditation.

The accredited business communicator designation offers personal value as well. Nearly 80 percent of accredited members said it enhances their resumes. Large majorities also report that accreditation increases their confidence and personal credibility and gains them recognition from their peers.

Take the IABC Accreditation Readiness Quiz to determine if you’re ready to pursue accreditation. And for more information about IABC/San Diego’s Accreditation Completion Program, contact co-directors Karen Pearson, ABC or Lisa Hunter, ABC


Mark Schumann, 2009-2010 Chairman of IABC/International, shared the value of accreditation during his visit with the IABC/San Diego chapter in January 2010.