Why get accredited? Read some short testimonials about the benefits of accreditation from our accredited members.

Mike Godfrey, ABC, Director, Corporate Communication, Scripps

“I’m very appreciative of the opportunity we have to not only learn more about our profession through IABC, but also to put our experience and knowledge ‘to the test.’  The test was challenging – very challenging – but our chapter provided a lot of support and that camaraderie went a long way in the end,” said Mike.

Kate Hardman, ABC, Employee Communications Manager, Qualcomm

“This globally recognized standard not only affirms the skills developed over the course of your career, but also identifies you as a well-rounded and credible business communicator among your peers and colleagues. Having proven that I am well-equipped to successfully tackle a broad range of strategic communication challenges gives me an increased sense of confidence and pride in the value I bring to my work,” said Kate.

Lisa Hunter, ABC, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I have recommended the ABC journey to my colleagues as a way to ‘sharpen the saw’ and to ensure we bring a consistent, best-practice approach to helping clients solve strategic communications challenges,” said Lisa.

Karen Pearson, ABC, Consultant

“Being accredited as a business communicator, with the ABC designation after my name, will hopefully bring even more credibility to my professional background, showing in black and white, that I have met the benchmarks of my communications industry. I would totally recommend my colleagues in the industry taking advantage of the opportunity to be accredited.  Though I have a strong background in communications, going through the portfolio and study process further validated that I was qualified to be designated as an accredited member of the business communications community.  I am so glad I did it,” said Karen.

Cason Lane, ABC

Cason Lane
Cason Lane of Cason Lane Strategic Communications is an award-winning writer and communication strategist with more than 15 years of experience in business communications.

When did you get accredited and what compelled you to pursue it?
May 2009. I was interested in the accreditation process as a way to challenge myself and continue growing in my career.

How did accreditation help you in your job/career?
The preparation process was very valuable. Studying for the exam was a great way to brush up on best practices, revisit some communication tactics, and keep my skills sharp. As a result of the accreditation process, I strengthened my communication knowledge, and I’m more effective in my business.

What did you get out of accreditation from a personal perspective?
It was a great sense of accomplishment to complete the rigorous accreditation process and demonstrate abilities that meet a global standard. The accreditation was an important milestone for me — personally and professionally.

Cathleen Wolf, ABC

Cathleen Wolf
Cathleen Wolf, an independent consultant, has 30 years of experience in communication, marketing, education and research. You can learn more about her on her web site, Communicate Write.

When did you get accredited and what compelled you to pursue it?

February 1994 – Can it be 15 years ago? Two reasons made me pursue accreditation:

  1. I was on the Silicon Valley IABC board where we lamented that we had only ONE accredited member, Shirley Gilbert from HP. She inspired five of us to achieve the ABC goal together. We laughingly made a pact to continue together or else. But it stuck.
  2. One of my consulting assignments with Advanced Micro Devices won a Gold Quill in the measurement category. It was an incentive to use that project for one of my four portfolio projects. (Today, only two portfolio entries are needed and they can be submitted online.)

How did accreditation help you in your job/career?
Since I work as an independent consultant for large companies filled with engineers, lawyers and other professionals, the accreditation credential added to my recognition as a qualified professional with meaningful insights and counsel.

The ABC process helped me focus my thinking in more strategic and collaborative ways. It opened my mind to new ideas and research that helped me gain confidence and become more business-directed and results-oriented.

What did you get out of accreditation from a personal perspective?
Other ABCs and I have a common bond and call on one another for instant advice and support. When I travel, I often contact other ABCs who are virtual friends because we mutually respect that milestone.

One of my best rewards now is helping fellow communicators achieve their accreditation goals. Getting to know them better and learning from their insights helps me grow as a professional and give back to the IABC reservoir.

Tell us a story about what it was like for you going through the accreditation process.
I was frantic about being videotaped for the oral “case study” exam. When I entered the room, there was a lowly tape recorder and two friendly examiners. I was so relieved to see no camera that I literally burst into tears. By the way, today’s oral exam no longer uses video.