San Diego Direct Marketing Association’s Annual SURGE Event – Jan. 29, 2015


Join us for SURGE 2015 to learn how you can break down the silos between Marketing & IT to improve customer experiences and drive better results. You’ll gain crucial insights into the lessons today’s marketing and technology leaders have learned and how they’ve been successful at making a course correction to their technology roadmaps. This event is a must for you if…

  • You’re a Marketing or IT leader guiding cross-functional teams on joint marketing and technology initiatives
  • You’re a Marketing or IT team member responsible for developing the roadmap, requirements and technology implementation
  • You’re a Marketing or Program Manager responsible for deployment, testing, tuning and reporting
  • You’re a Digital Marketing team member responsible for ensuring positive customer experiences and outcomes

The proliferation of software for seemingly every marketing task — from CRM systems to marketing automation systems, to content management systems, and more — presents a dizzying array of software and technologies that have to securely integrate together, and allows marketers to tread onto what used to be strictly IT territory. Not working effectively with IT to make these choices can cause costly mistakes. Whether you’re on the Marketing or IT side of the equation, you may be living this technology challenge right now — and if you’re not…it’s coming!

This special event will address what both Marketing and IT need to know about effectively creating a technology roadmap in your organization. Panelists will share the successes they’ve experienced with implementing technology — as well as the mistakes made, including:

  • How has the emergence of “expense-able” marketing software solutions — that Marketing can buy on their own and expense — created costly challenges for IT?
  • What are the risks when the various marketing technology solutions don’t integrate the way the software salesperson promised? What are the security issues?
  • How do you really understand the technology requirements needed to deliver on your marketing and overall business strategy? How do you document, prioritize, and communicate what you really need with IT?
  • What do you need to understand about technology to be successful as a marketer? How do you learn it? What new skills must marketers acquire?
  • How have other organizations built high-performing cross-functional teams that help Marketing and IT focus on the same goals — and become inspired to deliver?
  • Do you need a “marketing technologist” as part of your Marketing team?

With a better understanding of how Marketing and IT alignment can propel your business forward, you’ll be ready for our special presentation, Untangling the Big Data Hairball. In their presentation, technology industry veteran, Robert Strickland, and marketing strategist, Jeff Symon, co-founders of Digital Nexus, will show you:

  • How companies are creating a common definition of Big Data across their organization – from the CIO to the CMO
  • How companies are utilizing Big Data, using real case studies, and the emerging technologies behind it
  • The steps you need to take to become a Big Data leader and help your organization capitalize on Big Data.

This is a unique opportunity to learn road-tested strategies for effective teamwork. Bring IT with you for shared understanding of the challenges and solutions.

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Panel Discussion: Bridging the Technology Divide



Lars Helgeson
Founder & CEO, GreenRope


  • Guillermo Perez, Vice President, Information Technology, San Diego Union Tribune
  • David Turner, CEO, Co-Founder, Parallel 6
  • Suzanne Van Cleve, Principal, Van Cleve Consulting (Intuit, Oracle, Adobe)
  • Andreas Roell, Executive Chairman, Katana
Presentation: Untangling the Big Data Hairball

Co-Presented by:

  • Jeff Symon
  • Rob Strickland
    Co-Founders, Digital Nexus