Strengthening Team Bonds – April 2021

With spring sports back in play, team synergy is key to building a winning season.

As communication leaders, nurturing an effective communications team requires more than just management skills. It entails being a good listener, a sound judge of talent and the ability to bring out the best in each employee. Once a team develops a strong bond and enjoys working together there isn’t much it can’t accomplish.

Sometimes, however, all it takes to bring a communications team together is a crisis or challenge. We all have an instinct to jump right in when faced with a new business priority. Whether a corporate rebrand, restructuring, product recall, negative headlines or dare I say a pandemic, we keep cool under pressure and rally together to deal with whatever is thrown our way.

Despite working from home, we still need to take the time to celebrate success and let off a little steam. One way is to schedule a short, weekly team call with the unwritten rule of no business discussion. Get to know colleagues you may not have met in person, celebrate momentous occasions, share weekend plans or simply stoke sports rivalries.

The more we share and care about each other the more we strengthen team bonds.

Stay connected.


Jayanti Menches/President/IABC/San Diego

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