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Three Truths and One Lie

18 Jan 2013, by IABC Webmaster in Be Heard Blog, IABC/SD News

During the IABC January Dine Around, my fellow IABC board member and cohost, Heidi Leonard, challenged the eight attendees at 333 Pacific to play a little get-to-know-each-other game. We each had to tell three truths and one lie. Then everyone at the table had to guess which one was false. It seemed easy enough.

As I looked around the table, there were some attendees I knew, others I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. When they started talking about vacationing in Haiti, living in Vietnam for a year and being a twin, I thought for sure those were the fibs. To my surprise – and curiosity – those were some of the truths!  That made me think – how often do we really take the time to learn about those around us?

As communicators, many of us can think back to our college journalism class, where we learned to ask questions. Now, we are so busy conveying information to others, be it the news media, employees or the community at large. How often do we take a step back and let others share their story with us? I, for one, don’t do it enough. But now I know the secret – have someone tell me three truths and one lie.

By: Despina Papadatos