Emilie Vicchio

Director, Marketing, Brand & Communication, Client Solution Architects

Emilie helps B2B firms overcome the unique challenges associated with differentiation and brand awareness to build, grow and thrive in the FedCon space. 

Emilie’s career has been focused on helping B2G firms navigate their marketing, brand and communication in the public sector. With a specialization in strategic brand and communication guidance, Emilie works closely with senior leadership to effectively manage organizations during critical periods such as rebrands, M&As and organizational restructurings. 

Emilie has notably contributed to building multi-year, award winning cultures by focusing on how messaging, audiences and communication shape people's experiences. Blending visual design, behavioral science, and campaign mastery she creates memorable and objective-driving experiences. 

Prior to entering the defense industry, Emilie worked with Major League Baseball organizations leading the operations for fan-engagement programs and managing guerrilla marketing events for major brands in the automotive, CPG and telecomm industries.

Emilie holds an MS in Strategic Brand Communication from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Alfred University. She also has a BS in Marketing and a BA in Visual Design from Alfred University, a top five design school in the country. She is Change Management certified from Cornell University and is a Shipley certified business development professional. Emilie has been named Communicator of Year by the International Association of Business Communicators and is a 40 Under 40 Award recipient by SD Metro.

Emilie has a passion for sports, and if she’s not enjoying time with her family you can find her on the soccer pitch or yelling fore on the links.

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