August 24, 2023

IABC San Diego Announces Dynamic Lineup for the 2023-2024 Board

Unveiling Exciting Initiatives, Professional Development Programs, and Collaborations

IABC San Diego Announces Dynamic Lineup for the 2023-2024 Board

San Diego, Calif. — Today, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) San Diego chapter introduced the elected lineup of board members for the upcoming term spanning 2023-2024. This forward-looking team is poised to lead the chapter by fostering innovation, collaboration and professional growth within the local communication community.

Under the leadership of co-presidents Brandee Beiriger and Rob Campbell, the 2023-2024 board is gearing up to roll out an array of initiatives designed to elevate the impact of communication professionals in the region.

Rob Campbell, Co-President and Content Strategist for Employee Engagement at Zscaler, brings a wealth of experience in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. "I'm honored to serve as Co-President of IABC San Diego and contribute to shaping the future of communication in our region. Our goal is to inspire, educate and connect professionals through innovative programming and meaningful relationships," said Campbell.

Brandee Beiriger, Co-President and Employee Communications Manager at Qualcomm, echoed these sentiments. "I'm excited to collaborate with a passionate board to empower our members to excel in their careers. Our commitment to fostering growth, learning and camaraderie will be at the heart of everything we do," said Beiriger.

Introducing the 2023-2024 IABC San Diego Board:

  • Brandee Beiriger, Co-President: Brandee, Employee Communications Manager at Qualcomm, will foster collaboration, empower emerging talent through mentorship, and curate inclusive programming that caters to diverse communication disciplines and skill levels.
  • Rob Campbell, Co-President: Rob, Content Strategist for Employee Engagement at Zscaler, will elevate IABC San Diego's visibility through compelling storytelling, leverage technology for enhanced member experiences, and establish the chapter as a thought leader through insightful discussions and expert panels.
  • Melissa Eckmann, Secretary: Melissa, Communications Director and SVP of Commercial Banking Communications at Wells Fargo, is committed to streamlining operations and ensuring open lines of communication within the chapter.
  • Lauren Karwel, Treasurer: Lauren, an Employee Communications Specialist at Qualcomm, brings financial acumen and organizational prowess to her role as Treasurer, ensuring the chapter's sustainable growth.
  • Sarah Bilyeu, VP Programming: Sarah, VP of Marketing Strategy at California Bank & Trust, is dedicated to curating enriching professional development opportunities that align with the evolving landscape of communication.
  • Emile Vicchio, VP Communications: Emile is the Director of Marketing, Brand & Communication at Client Solution Architects. With a strategic mindset and creative flair, Emile aims to enhance the chapter's presence and engage the community in meaningful ways.
  • Jack Chirrick, Director at Large: Jack, Director of Corporate Communications at American Specialty Health, is enthusiastic about forging strategic partnerships with local organizations to amplify the impact of communication professionals.
  • La Monica Everett-Haynes, Director at Large: La Monica, Associate VP and Chief Communications Officer at San Diego State University, aims to leverage her diverse experience to foster collaboration among members and expand the chapter's reach.

As part of their commitment to providing members with valuable growth opportunities, the board will introduce innovative professional development programming, inclusive events and collaborations with local organizations. Their vision includes fostering an inclusive environment that nurtures creativity, learning and meaningful connections.

"We are embarking on a transformative journey for IABC San Diego, and we invite communication professionals from all walks of life to join us in shaping the future of our field. Through our collective passion and expertise, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones in the coming year," added Brandee Beiringer.

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